Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back To Sentosa Tanjong Rimau.....

It has been ages since I last visited the shore at Sentosa Tanjong Rimau. So it feels good to be back! :o)

We started off from the rocky shore where you get to see the wonderful cliff formations.

Besides that, we also came across various marine creatures.

At the sandy shore,

found a stranded Jellyfish. They are in season now. So have to be careful when you wade through the water.

There's a small patch of Common Sea Star.

A small Giant Carpet Anemone(looks like).

Onch Slugs can be seen on the rocks grazing about.

At the coral rubbles,

A shy Filefish was hiding among the seaweeds

A small Carpet Eel Blenny. Juvenile perhaps?

There were a couple of these CUTE looking Hermit crabs.

The only nudibranch that I came across. It's the Dermatobranchus nudibranch (Dermatobranchus sp.)

And the highlight find of day is this new sighting for me! Looks like a Galloping Sand Star (Stellaster equestris)!

Here's the underside of the sea star.

As per Dr David Lane's "A Guide to Sea Stars and Other Echinoderms of Singapore", this sea star moves by jerking or leaping (resulted from synchronized stepping actions of tube feet) instead of gliding alone the substrate.

The Galloping Sand Star had been sighted before at Pulau Semakau intertidal and through trawling at Johore Straits and amongst the Southern Islands of Singapore too.

It's a good trip back to this shore!

P.S. : This post is also dedicated to the memory of Darwin, who passed away suddenly two years ago on this day.


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