Sunday, May 24, 2009

Exploring A New Part Of Tanah Merah.....

Went out to explore a new shore today. I was rather impressed from the sightings I would say for the area being a reclaimed land. Well.....I guess it shows that if given time, our shore will slowly recover. :o)

So what did I sighted today?

Since we were on the shore at ungodly hours, I maneged to get some easy shots of fishes as some of them were in dreamland. Like this.....

Anchor Tuskfish which is sleeping away among the rock crevice.

There were quite a few sleeping Groupers too.

Hmmm.....this looks like a Rabbitfish.

And a Fringe-eyed Flathead lying motionless on the sand.

So does this Sea Moth/Sea Robin.

While in some tidepools, little fishes like this goby, were darting about

and others, like this Harry Hotlips, a Sweetlips, trying to pretend that it is a little piece of leaf.

Also came across quite a few Moray Eels but no pics cos they were very camera shy. They all retreated into the crevices when I put the camera in front of them. :p And there was also a big Catfish of about 40cm!

Quite a few kind of crabs were seen too;

A small Moon Crab about the size of our 50 cents coin.

A Ghost Crab half buried itself in the sand.

Lots of Swimming Crab too!

Whereas this Velcro/Decorator Crab doesn't seen to be in a mood of decorating itself. :p

There's also this pretty Spotted Hermit Crab.

Penaeid Prawn are also commonly seen.

And at the rocky area, saw two Frilly Sea Anemones.

While a little Carpet Anemone was seen at another part of the shore. There's also another one with a pair of Anemone Shrimps.

Sighted two Persian Carpet Flatworms! They are so beautiful!

And a greenish one spotted among the Seaweeds which is a first sighting for me!

Came across this sight, the Nerites Snail grazing algae that's on what looks like a Zoned horn snail or is it laying its eggs (as there seen to be some white circle thingy) on the snail?

There were lots of Gong Gong be it ones with thin shell or thick shell.

Button Snails that looks like little jewels were seen too! And it is said that no two Button Snails are alike!

A little Moon Snail with delicated pattern on its foot.

Saw an Octopus hunting among the rocks.

Haha.....when I saw this little Cuttlefish, it was trying to pretend to be a part of the Sargassum Seaweed.

And last but not least, a Sea Hare! Looks like an Extraordinary sea hare (Aplysia extraordinaria).


Blogger koolkanishka said...

Very nice pictures! I cannot believe that Singapore still has such diversity of marine life on it's shores!

BTW, what was the exact "ungodly time" at which you were there exactly?

May 27, 2009 11:04 AM  
Anonymous CH said...

Haha...we were there at pre-dawn about 3am where we should be in our dreamland. :o)

May 27, 2009 12:52 PM  

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