Sunday, March 22, 2009

Macro @ Pulau Ubin.....

Macro....hmmmm...a way to look at Nature's wonderful details up-close. That's why I love to take macro as you will be awed by what Nature can offer you!

Was at Pulau Ubin yesterday doing some shooting to test out my DIY ring diffuser....can say am quite happy with the result. :o)

So here are the Nature's little wonders that I came acrossed:


With some spiders that were having their lunch,

but there's one who preferred to save it for a snack later.

While the Spiders were having a meaty meal, this Bagworm Moth junior likes a "vegetarian" meal of some Rododenron leaves. And you can actually hear it munching away the crunchy leaves!

Of course, there are plenty of insects;

be amazed by the rainbow-coloured Tiger Beetle,

and awed by this Lichen look-a-like Hopper.

Ahhhh...and how can we not take some close-up pics of beautiful and colourful flowers!

It was indeed a good trip with all these wonderful sightings!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice macro shots!

March 24, 2009 6:21 AM  

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