Monday, March 16, 2009

First Reef Survey For Year 2009.....

Last Saturday, BlueWaterVolunteers' ReefFriends conducted the first reef survey for 2009 at Pulau Hantu. Despite being short of volunteers, we managed to complete the full survey of LIT, Fish and Invertebrate surveys on the West fringing reef of Hantu.

Jeff and I laid the transect tapes for the shallow while Darrel and ZW did the ones at the deep. Afterwhich, I was to swim down to the deep to record the data for tape 5. But since the tape laying at the deep started a bit later than the shallow one, Darrel and ZW were only half way through Tape 3 when I found them.

So while waiting for them to finish laying the tapes, did some clearing of fishing lines that were discarded by irresponsible anglers. Corals maybe damaged due to all these unnecessary fishing lines entanglement. Sigh....

Anyway, after surface interval, proceed to do the rest of the LIT records for deep transect with my buddy who is a new OJT and first time local water diver. So I have to keep a lookout for him while doing the recording. But he was good and managed to stay with me until I finished the recording.

Anyway...just some pics here from the survey ;


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