Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Seawater Lake/Lagoon At Our Southern Islands?.....

Read this article in yesterday’s Zaobao. The headline is about an idea of building a man-made seawater lake/lagoon in the surrounding of our Southern islands.

Here's an extract on the part about the lake/lagoon idea and a brief translation of it.

(Man-made seawater lake/lagoon may be constructed in waters around the southern islands?)

("If the idea of the man-made seawater lake/lagoon can be implemented, it will inject a unique style to the southern islands. In addition, it may help fetch a better price if the Government sells the lots for tourism development in the future." Said Mrs Pamelia Lee, ex-managing director of Sentosa and southern island development project, in an interview with Zaobao.)

(Mrs Lee, who has been handling the southern island development project since the 80's said that she had consulted the views of professional consultants regarding the building of embankment to form a huge lake/lagoon. And technically speaking, it should not be a problem.)

(If such is a case, tourists will be able to enjoy various water sports activities surrounded in blue water safely. Picturesque Houseboats can also be built within the lake/lagoon.)
(She said that the islands will be able to provide more space for tourists to do boating/other water sports as well as constructing houseboats if the lake/lagoon is built. She also mentioned that the lake and houseboats that she has in mind are very different from those currently found in other resorts in some parts of the world.)

(It is understood that the plan needs the approval by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore(MPA) in order for it be able to implement.)

Hmmm.....just wondering what are the impacts on the coral reefs at these islands by the construction of such lake/lagoon?

Scary!!! Sounds very project NOAH in a bigger scale!

And it's seen that recently, the ideas of building dams/embankments keep popping up.

Very scary!!!

As for the rest of the article, it's about Mrs Lee's involvement on the Southern islands development project, what will happen to it after her departure and her contributions to the tourism industry in Singapore. For similar translated details, click here


Blogger Jeffrey said...

I wonder if the "lagoon" is at Sentosa Cove. The cove is supposed to have water-side living and sluice gates to control water flow etc. It's an ok idea, if you are living in temperate waters where algae does not grow so fast. No one seems to understand the rate at which algae grows here .. or they choose to ignore it as it is a maintenance problem, not a development one. Typical short-sighted planning, imo.

If it is some new plan to build a "lagoon" like NOAH, then I'd say that the humans are essentially stupid and never learn from their mistakes.

As for the place being for rich, like mentioned by others ... all I can say is, MONEY TALKS! :P

August 16, 2008 12:06 PM  

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