Monday, June 25, 2007

ReefFriends @ Kusu Island.....

Finally had my first Reef Check OJT (On-Job-Training) with ReefFriends at Kusu Island (first time diving there too) last Saturday. And it seen that I always have to start my first OJT with a fall (I remembered that I slipped while getting onto the bumboat when I had my first Chek Jawa OJT years ago). Yes, I lost my footing while trying to come down from the dry area on the boat. Nothing serious except a painful knock at the hip which is still kinda hurt.

Had brought along my camera hoping to be as lucky as Siyang who had seen Dolphins just days ago while out diving. But looks like the Dolphins only make appearances on weekdays like previous sightings. Sigh.....!

For my first dive, I was assigned to do tape-laying at the deep transect. HB did the first three tapes and I laid the last two. The vis was a comfortable 1.5-2m at 6m depth. The reef slope was mostly covered with silt but there were lots and lots of Sea Fan and Sea Whip with lots of Featherstars.

When I was starting on the last tape, I felted a tug on my fin. It was HB who was trying to signal me to come over to this crevice/hole. When I looked into it, I saw two long antenna-like thingy sticking out. It was a Lobster! First time seeing one while diving in local water! Wow! For the pic of the Lobster and other cool stuffs at this deep transect, see Juan Hui’s blog entry.

After a short surface interval, I was into my second dive doing the mobile invertebrates survey at the shallow transect. My buddy was Marcel who was doing the fish survey. My task for this survey was to search for the inverts (on the target list) 2.5m on each side from the transect tape.

The surge at 3m depth was terrible! I was basically swaying about while swimming along the transect line. As it was difficult to stay still, I got four new "tattoos" on my legs (no)thanks to the Hydroids.'s going to be months of itches again.

Anyway, here's some pics I managed to get while waiting for my buddy to proceed his fish survey (the person doing the inverts survey must not get ahead of the fish survey).

This is the only Flatworm on my entire transect.

Managed to find this milky white Sea Cucumber underneath a crevice.

Here's a closer look. Anyone would like to help on the ID?

A close-up of a Mushroom coral.

A big Red Swimming Crab trying to get away from me.

Did you see anything on this pic?

Here's a closer look,

Yes, it's a Scorpionfish. Guess what? I had my left hand landed just next to it when I was trying to grab on to some rubbles. Phew!

Great day spent on our reefs and looking forwards to my next OJT! :o)


Blogger TS said...

Like Juanhui said, dolphins also seem to have their 5 day work week! ;p

June 26, 2007 8:48 AM  
Blogger juanicths said...

woh~~ haven't seen a white sea cucumber before.

and your encounter with the scorpionfish sure sounds like a repeat of mine while diving at St John's. Had the tail of a scorpionfish nicely nested between two of my fingers *shudders*

June 26, 2007 8:45 PM  

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