Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shopping, Shopping.....

Took half-a-day leave to send my camera in for service yesterday afternoon. And looks like it won't be back in time for my next Hantu dive. :O/

After leaving Canon's Service Center, decided to head over to Bras Basah Complex since I have the rest of the time free and I rarely have the time for shopping.

Went to Art Friend to replenish some brushes and some of my dried-up watercolour tubes. Bought a pad of postcard size watercolour painting paper which is just the right size to fit the wooden frame that I got from IKEA. Also managed to get a box of Acrylic paints for just S$6.00 which I will use it to paint the wooden frames.

Afterwhich, went to Popular and happened to come across this book, <<左手的快乐>>, by 梁文福. It's a collection of short stories. Quite good for light reading so decided to buy it.

Then head back home but before that, I still need to get a thumb drive for files transfer. This is because the new Apple Macbook's optical drive somehow just refused to read the CD burned by my PC and also seen to prefer reading certain brands of CD.

Quite a fruitful day of shopping I would say but of course, that means less money in my bank. :OP


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