Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fishy Day At Pulau Hantu.....

Was back diving at Pulau Hantu this morning with The Hantu Bloggers again.

The vis was a good 4m for the first dive. However, it was greatly reduced in the second dive due to rain. Nonetheless, it was still a good dive for me as usual.

Lots of fish today including a shy Oriental Sweetlips that swam away before I could even take a pic.

An Ocellate Pipefish again.

An Eight-banded Butterflyfish. Just count the bands.

The ever "difficult-to-take-a-pic" juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips.

Of course, there's always our very own "Nemo", the False Clown Anemonefish. There's about seven of them in this Anemone.

During the second dive, I came across this :

It's a tail. Who's tail then?

It's the tail of the Blue-spotted Fantail Stingray. And of course, due to their liking of hiding under rock crevices, I only managed to get this butt shot.

Besides the fishes, there's also the usual Nudibranch and Flatworm. The Blue Dragon Nudibranch and phyllidia. The one with the purple bumps could be phyllidia nigra.

Can't wait to go back again. :O)


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