Thursday, May 05, 2005

To Cross Or Not To Cross.......

How many of you out there had this experience of coming to a zebra crossing and as you put your first step out, to have a car zooming pass? Well, I guess there would be many, considering how inconsiderate our drivers are in Singapore.

Just this month alone, I already have 3 cars zooming pass while I was using a zebra crossing. I am on the big size, so there should be no reason that you cannot see me and HELLO! It is daylight (Can't imagine what will happen if it is at night).

Wonder how these driver passed their theory? Ain't you supposing to slow down and stop when you are approaching a zebra crossing?

Say this morning, when I was about to cross the crossing at Simei St 4, there was this gray colour car (plate no : XXX 3xxx J) zooming pass. And why I was so furious about this incident (lucky it did not become an accident)? Well you see, after the previous two incidents, I have become more careful. So I always make it a point to stop at the side of the crossing to indicate my intention to cross the road to the driver. However, this gray car, upon seeing me at the side, did not stop but just drove passed. Can you imagine if it was not me but a kid that run across? He could have been knock down! Then what? Another statistic for someone knocked/killed on the road for he/she was using something meant for a pedestrian?

For god's sake, Drivers, please look when you are driving and stop when you are suppose to. It doesn’t cost you more than half a minute!


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