Monday, October 27, 2008

Trying To Keep Clear.....

of a field of Long-spined Sea Urchins!

Yes, that was what I was trying to do for most of my dives at Pulau Tioman over the weekend. So much so and in addition to the not-so-good vis, I decided to skip the night dive.

See the vis at Marine Park! I thought I was diving at Pulau Hantu!

Anyway, with so many Urchins, it was not hard to find Urchin Clingfish among them.

They are much bigger than the one I have seen at Hantu.

Came across relatives of Sea Urchin like.....

Sea Cucumbers

and Sea Stars!

Other stuffs like.....

different species of Anemone and Anemonefish!

Giant Cuttlefish!

A Blenny who refused to face the camera. :oP

Only get to see a few Sea Slugs on this trip.

A couple of Phyllidia nudibranch

A first time encounter with this Chromodoris nudibranch (probably a Chromodoris magnifica.

And a Twin-tailed slug (Chelidonura amoena)


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