Sunday, November 26, 2006

What Can You See In 1m Vis?.....

Well.....this is what we saw;

Ya right! We REALLY wished that we have seen this Shark at Pulau Hantu in this morning dive. But SADLY, this shark is found in an aquarium tank at the Marina's Guard House.

According to the Security Guards, this shark was caught by a boatman in Singapore water. But instead of releasing it, it is kept in a tank. :O(

Just hope that it will eventually be released.

Even though NO shark for us (Ivy, Hui Bing & me) during our dives at Pulau Hantu this morning, we still managed to see quite a number of stuffs despite the 1m Vis (Poor vis may be due to a crowded Hantu today).

In fact, it's a Molluscs Day! Slugs, Bivalves and Cephalopods!

Firstly, of course, the Slugs! Here's some of the Nudibranchs that we saw;

There's the gymneodoris alba (white body with orange spots), dermatobranchus sp (white body with some brown dots and brown rhinophores), tambja sp (dark green body with blue rhinophores and gills) and a chromodoris sinensis (white body with red rhinophores and gills).

Then, we came across Cuttlefish during both dives. They are quite small (about 5-6cm long) and are very CUTE! They displayed their colour changing trick and were defensive when I inched nearer to take pics.

Here's a video of one from our first dive;

There's also two strange looking bivalves that I saw. There's this one with spines and another with beautiful patterns was found on a hydroid.

Of course, there's other stuffs like.....

A beautiful Flatworm!

Filefish!. Gee...these guys are really BIG. About 15cm long at least.

A Crab trying to hide...and an Ocellate Pipefish.


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