Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aftemath Of The Oil Spill - Tanah Merah (3).....

Yesterday, went back to check out the part of Tanah Merah shore that we have checked out the day after the oil spill one month ago.

The air still filled with a slight pungent smell as we still see some part of the upper shore covered with stains of crude oil.

And the water surface still have a layer of oil sheen and brown stuff.

We also noticed these brown scum like thingy on top of the sand. The sand is "slippery" and soft when we stepped on. The sand before the spill is more firmed and sandy. Hmmm....could this be the work of microbes breaking down the crude???

So how's the marine life doing one month after the spill? Hmmm.....I would say that the shore is much livelier than the day after the spill but still not what is used to be before the spill. least I did not come across a large number of peanut worms again.

Lots of lively Ghost Crabs! A few babies are spotted too!

No crazy somersaulting Flower crabs this time.....but alert ones that gave a defensive pose when one approached them!

Hermit Crabs seem to be doing okay!

Happy to see a few live prawns too!

Saw one Carpet Anemone that is in its normal colour.

Delighted to see a small healthy-looking Acropora coral in one of the tide pool!

Saw a Fanworm.....but the feeding tentacles were not fully open.

The patch of Common Sea Stars seem to be doing well still. But most of them are seen at the lower shore nearer to the seawall and some at the middle shore.

More livelier Gong Gong were seen this time round.

A few Moon Snail were seen. Most of them moving about under the sand but strangely, I came across a few which were turned upside down.

A Spiral Melongena Snail laying its egg cases with a layer of the brown stuff stuck on.


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