Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mission Failed Again.....

Time is 8pm and Date is 9th October 2009.

I was assigned to this mission when my cousin who live down the street FAILED in the same given mission in August. To increase the chances of getting off the list, I had even applied camouflage like Sponges and Ascidians on myself.

So here I wait patiently for that lovely foot to come down on me. Living up to my namesake, I didn't even move any bit.

But alas! Instead of a lovely foot that greets me, it is a sneering face that come right in front of me and shout "Haha.....I SAW YOU!!! You are not going anywhere but stay on my checklist of things that stung me!!!"

Ahhhh.....Damn! I FAILED!! I failed to inflict PAIN to that foot and get off the list! She sneered at me and said that it was my frowning mouth that gave my camouflage away!!!

Ahhh.....maybe next time I should put on a smiley face and be a smiley STONEFISH!

Sigh, the foot gets to live another painless day! Meanwhile, I shall concentrate on getting the next victim;

Here fishy fishy fishy! Come closer abit.....

Lucky for her and she gets on to see the others living in my Tanah Merah estate;


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