Saturday, September 05, 2009

Spiders @ SBWR.....

Joined Ria for her trip to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve this morning. While she looked at plants and other animals, I was mainly looking out for Spiders to shoot (photo I mean :p).

We did the Mangrove boardwalk next to the Visitor centre. I came across several spiders while walking and checking out on this 500m boardwalk. Some as small as a grain of rice to one that is about size of 20cents coin. They were mainly found on the wooden railings of the boardwalk. One just have to look and check out anything that moves! :p

The first spider of the day is this Jumping Spider. It was found on the railing.

Look out for webs that lined across the railings. I found this one on its web? and looks like it has another spider as its prey.

Look out for tiny black ants on the railings! Look carefully because sometime they turn out to be a Spider that mimic ants! I only managed a photo of this one as it was just moving too fast! It also moved very ant-like.

This Lynx Spider was also out on the railing too!

Think this is a Two-tailed Spider. It was found on one of the shelter's pillars.

Here's a close up of the Spider. It is named "Two-tailed Spider" is because of the two out of proportion long and pointed spinnerets (at center top of the pic).

This one was on the railing and it was about 5mm big. The underside of its abdomen is yellowish and the top part is black with some white spots/patches. Hmmm.....wonder what kind of Spider is this? Anyone knows the ID?

And final sighting for the day, is this little Cutie! And yes, you guess it, it was found on the railings again! About 5mm too and I have had a hard time shooting it. Because it kept jumping onto the lens!


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