Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Damn! I Am Almost Struck Off From.....

her checklist of "Things that stung me"!

Haha.....I wonder if this was what the Stonefish been thinking when I have a close shave with it this morning at Tanah Merah. :p

You see, I have been stung by Hydroids, Jellyfish and Stingray. Thus, I joked that I hoped that the next one on my checklist to be struck off will NOT be a Stonefish. I want to keep it on my list ALWAYS! And given that Robin, who got stung before, said it was very very painful!

Phew! And this was what happened this morning;

I was walking parallel to the seawall looking for critters. As usual, I will stop and look into crevices in front of me. At this spot, there were some rocks to my left. Thus, I put my left foot on one rock to lean against when I bent down and forward to check out the crevices in front.

Just when I was done looking and standing up, I felt a needle-like poking on my left side of my left foot suddenly! My first reaction was to quickly retract my left foot from the rocks. And that was when I saw the rock moved! Eeeeeek!!!! It's a Stonefish!!!

See how well camouflaged it was! It just looks like any piece of rocks when not moving!

Fortunately, it was just a slight poke and not a deep injection by the fish. Thus, not much venom injected. I did not feel any instant pain shooting up my leg nor my body trying to shut down the nerves like when I was stingrayed.

Phew! And sorry for causing an heart-attack kind of alarm again.

After which, I was utterly careful where I step and rest my feet. Make sure I check out that it is indeed a rock that I am putting the legs on.

So besides this close shave with a Stonefish, other encounters on the shore are;


Shrimpy. And Ria finally got a pic of that Saron Shrimp that I have been trying to shoot. Haha.....she must have brought the right ring for Saron(Sauron). :p

Filefish - A Green one and a Hairy one!

Cute Bobtail Squid!!!

and last but not least,

An Octopus hunting for its supper!


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