Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cold And Wet @ Pulau Hantu.....

When I left the house in the East this morning for The Hantu Bloggers monthly dive at Pulau Hantu, it was bright and SUNNY! I was looking forward for clear BLUE sky and hopefully good vis.

But just as the cab turns into AYE, all I saw were DARK clouds and it was pouring when I reached the Marina. And I thought to myself "Great! Okay lah, at least it rain now and not when we are out at Hantu". wrong am I! The rain never stop and today's dives were done in cold (cos I was only in my rashguard and boardshort) and wet wet wet (rain never stop until we finished our second dive) conditions.

And with the rain, the vis was about 1.5m today. Nonetheless, there are still a few sightings (with a group sighting of a Hawksbill Turtle and my lost buddy, sighted a Yellow-lipped Sea Krait!) of creature.

So here's some of my sightings;

Couple of Flatworms. They hardly move about today.

Some Hard Corals with their polyps out. The top one could be a Horn coral (Hydnophora sp.) and the bottom one is a Anemone coral (Goniopora sp.)

While this one looks like it is not doing well.....with some parts dead.

Came across two kind of Pipefish. But only managed to take a pic of this one.

Once in a while, you will come across this Sap-sucking Sea Slug (Thuridilla gracilis).

Lastly, the other kind of Sea Slug, the Nudibranch!

It has been quite some times that I sighted this nudibranch. A few were sighted at other shores recently, so I guess they are in season. Looks like a Gymnodoris sp.

A juicy looking Orange-patterned Bornella (Bornella sp).

And of course, the abundance Blue Dragon nudibranch (Pteraeolidia ianthina). Hmmm.....wonder if this pair were mating?


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