Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Crabby Day @ Tanah Merah.....

I was out to explore a new part of Tanah Merah shore yesterday and yes, at predawn again.

It was a crabby day! Cos saw quite a number of crabs! :op

Here they are;

A Red Egg Crab. It is poisonous and thus, should not be eaten! Cooking does not destroy their toxins.

A Stone Crab/Thunder Crab. Why also called a Thunder crab? Haha...it is a belief that only a clap of thunder will make it let go should the crab pinches you. Well.....I won't want to try out to see if this is true or not, so it will be good not to handle them in the first place.

A Blue Swimming crab caught a little Rabbitfish? for breakfast.

An Arrow-head Spider crab was seen on a patch of seaweeds

Saw the Spotted Hermit Crab again. There was also another smaller one which I didn't take picture of.

Other small Hermit crabs can be seen too.

Besides crabs, came across this shrimp that was trying to make itself to look like part of the brown seaweeds.

Was happy to see baby Mushroom corals growing on the rocks surface.

Came across two Long-spined Black Sea Urchin glazing on the rocks too. Their test are about the size of a ping-pong ball.

There's a bunch of Tape Seagrass in the lagoon and on one strand was a little Variable Fang-Blenny.

Whereas some other prefer to hide among the seaweeds.

I don't have many photo of Gobies cos they are too fast to take a pic. But am glad to add another one to my database.

This one was lying very still on the rock.

This looks like a Wandering cowrie. It was busy glazing about when I saw it.

A surprise find for me would be this Arabian Cowrie. This cowrie is listed as 'Vulnerable' on the Red List of threatened animals of Singapore, due to habitat loss and over-collection.

Another great and impressed trip I would say again.

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