Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick Trip @ Cyrene Reef.....

Today's evening tide trip to Cyrene reef was a short one hour exploring. Nonetheless, still managed to see a couple of things.

Found this Hermit crab not far from the landing point.

Heehee.....apparently it was not happy to have its pic taken. Just look at its grumpy look!

Of course, you can't miss the Knobbly Seastar on Cyrene. Currently, these Seastar are tracked and monitored by the Star Trackers.

And it was wonderful to come across "Blondie" Seastar too!

It even has a tiny tiny Brittle star on one of its arm.

Found this small Scaly Seastar(Nepanthia sp.) among the Seagrass. Can you see its fish scales-like surface?

Besides the Seastars, saw some of its relatives too. Here they are;

A White Sea Urchin, a Pencil Sea Urchin and a Orange-brownish Sea Cucumber.

Crabs such as this Red Egg Crab, are out having their dinner.

And this little Hairy crab was enjoying its Bristle worm dinner.

Saw two Black margined nudibranch (Glossodoris atromarginata)

and this teeny-weeny Sap-sucking Sea Slug. It's about 1cm and I love its blue pointed rhinophores. Cuteeeeee! 1st time coming across this Sap-sucker for me.

And last but not least, as we gathered around for the boat, found this beautiful Olive snail.


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