Monday, October 01, 2007

A Nice Evening Visit To Changi.....

This is the first time that we pay a visit to this part of Changi during an evening low tide. And today trip was fruitful as we saw quite a number of creatures.

There's lots of fishes (Flatfish, Scorpionfish, Filefish, Rabbitfish, Dragonet and the list goes on) and the Brittle Sea Stars were out in full force. They were everywhere on patches of seaweed or in pools of water. Here's one that I had took a pic of.

Among the seagrass, a tiny little squid was spotted.

A Mantis Shrimp out and about hunting for dinner.

And here's a beautiful Tube Anemone.

At Changi, one can also see a lots of Sea pencil. And this one has a Porcelain crab on it.

When there's a Sea pencil, be sure to find this Armina Nudibranch near it as they feed on Sea pencil.

Besides Armina, the other Sea Slug that was spotted was this Woolly Sap-sucking Sea Slug(Elysia sp.). There were many on the Seaweeds.

Another animal that's also in abundance was the white Sea Urchin. Here's two pic of them with their choice of decorations; One likes Seagrass while the other preferred a part of a crab pincer.

Other than the white Sea Urchin, a few Pencil Sea Urchins were spotted too!

The highlight of today's finds was this beautiful Moonsnail. It has a very nice pattern on its shell. And is a first sighting for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice, if next time got chance, hope to join u to explore changi too.

October 02, 2007 7:44 PM  

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