Saturday, September 01, 2007

Testing, Testing @ St John's Island.....

I was out at St John's Island for the evening low tide today. Brought along my new waterproof camera to test it out. And here are some of the stuffs that we saw.

I just can't resist taking the beautiful blue sky with big fluffy clouds while on the way to the island.

My first spotting was this flatworm.

I was searching high and low for nudibranchs. But this was the only one that I managed to find. It's a Gymnodoris sp.

There's always Octopus on the this reef. This guy was hunting for its dinner when I spotted it.

And of course, who can forget about the fishes?

Here's a big Toadfish among the rubble.

Also came across this poor Wrasse which got chomped off by something.

Towards the end of the tide, we got this hairy Seahorse.

A nice trip and I am very happy with the camera.


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