Sunday, August 26, 2007

Diving Pulau Hantu In The Month of Hantu.....

It is the Lunar 7th month a.k.a Hungry Ghost Month. I was out diving at Pulau Hantu again with The Hantu Bloggers this morning. So, here's the question. Did I see any Hantu (Malay for ghost)? Hantu (Hmmm.....I think so :oP). But there's other stuffs waiting for us.

First up, is this pregnant Tigertail Seahorse Papa! See the swollen pouch?

Seahorses (and its cousin, Pipefishes) are the only animal in the world in which it's the male that gets pregnant. The female seahorse produces eggs and injects them into the male, who has a pouch where the eggs are fertilized and nurtured till the babies are born.

Talking about Pipefishes, we did see one. Here's the Ocellate Pipefish.

Apart from these two fishes, we have this Filefish

A Carpet Eel Blenny

and a Whip goby on a Sea Whip!

In fact, there were two of them on this Sea Whip.

There was not many flatworm today. We only managed to see two of this guy.

This one was swimming and here's a video of it when it landed on the rubble.

Also managed to see this cowrie shell. It's a Tan and White cowrie (Cypraea cribraria). It looks like the animal just passed away not long ago.

Is that all? now you must be wondering where's the nudibranch right?

Hey hey, of course I saw them. Lots of them!!! They are not Hantu you know. :oP

There's three Ceratosoma gracillimum again!
One on the broken pillar, one on the sandy slope and last one stuck in crevice.

And the usual suspects were seen too.

And today, I have two new sightings!

Here's the first one, which I think is a Glossodoris sp. Does anyone think otherwise?

**Update (04/09/07) : Dr Bill from The Sea Slug Forum had ID this as Glossodoris pallida.

and at last, I finally found the 1cm big Doto sp. on this Hydroid. Can you see the yellowish and white projections on a white body? That's the Doto.

What can I say? Yet another enjoyable dive of course. :o)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice sightings! i want to go search nudi with you leh. maybe we should give those ceratosama some names, since they are more or less the residents right? haha... like today i saw miss pinky, miss orange, mr bulky? :P

August 27, 2007 11:05 PM  

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