Sunday, November 19, 2006

Marvellous Pulau Salu Dive.....

Marvellous for the good vis (we can see the seabed from above the boat and about 5 to 6m at least underwater), marvellous for the sunny weather and of course to me, marvellous for the nudibranchs that I saw today.

Lots of hard and soft coral! Here's some shots.

Saw a commonly seen flatworm (White with Blue edge) and another that I encountered first time.

Then, there's a Filefish and Carpet Eel Blenny. Managed to see a Blue-spotted Fantail Stingray too (no pic though).

And saving the BEST for last, my favourite Nudibranchs!

Came across the common ones like jorunna funerbris(They are always so CUTE!!!), Blue Dragon Nudibranch and phyllidia sp.

I saw the phyllodesmium briareum again! The last time that I have seen this nudibranch was at Pulau Hantu in May this year.

Also, saw not one, but TWO Emma! Hypselodoris emma that is.

Totally enjoyed this morning dive, even though there was a strong current to fight against during the second dive. :O)


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