Monday, August 14, 2006

Pre-Dawn Trips Ended.....

Yesterday was the last pre-dawn trip of this year for Wildfilms. No more pre-dawn trip until next year.

We ended our last morning trip at Pulau Jong. An island that we have tried so hard to get onto over a year. There's lots of Soft Corals and saw quite a few Sea Slugs (in season glossodoris atromarginata, phyllidia sp including a phyllidia ocellata, chromodoris lineolata, armina sp and a Blue Dragon nudibranch), Flatworms and a Cushion Seastar. However, it was a short trip so did not explore much.

Now with the evening trips only starting in October, I know I am going to have some withdrawal symptoms soon. So what I can do is to look forwards for some diving trips and go for some terrestrial stuff.


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