Friday, April 07, 2006

Off To Pulau Dayang.....

Going for this year first diving trip to Pulau Dayang tonight over the weekend. Had asked Kah Chine to come along, but she can't make it. So going alone again.

Just hope that I won't get into this again or bring home any "souvenir". *Fingers crossed*

Also hope to see more nudibranchs this time round. Didn't get to see much last year due to doing course and also my DM likes to bring us to see "BIG" things.

So watch this space for a trip report next week. :O)

Oh yah, one more thing.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!(in advance), Hong Zhenxing.

PS: Will try my best to "stop" a fish to wish you Happy Birthday this Sunday. :OP


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