Friday, November 04, 2005

Little Sisters Island....

Went to Little Sisters Island yesterday. The weather was good, cloudy all the way. It had been almost a year since we last set foot on the island.

What greet us on the jetty was amazing! Clear water and we can see lots and lots of corals (Hard and Soft) up from the jetty. We can’t wait to get our feet wet in the water!

So off we go to the lagoon side. As we were approaching the lagoon, we saw a big ship “parking” near the edge of the fringing reefs. Our fear was that it had hit the reefs and stranded. But it was not and managed to sail off after several tries of getting away from the swallow water. And lucky it did so as we would not be able to get clear water in the lagoon if it was stuck there and stirring up all the sediments with its propeller.

Anyway, after setting up all our equipments, we made our way to the edge of the lagoon. There were lots and lots of small fishes swimming around. Managed to catch sight of a tiny squid swimming near the surface and a tiny Elysia (a kind of sea slug) among the seaweeds. Other stuffs we saw included a Blue spotted fantail ray, scorpionfish, cowry, a red worm, moon snail and a spider couch.

Not a bad trip after a month of zero intertidal walks. :o). Mmmm....wonder what will Big Sisters Island offers this Saturday?


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