Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Brief Summary AGAIN! :OP…..

For the last two weeks, I have been....

a ) To the 2nd Anniversary Bash by UWCS. Met lots of people and listen to a Marine Conservation talk by Jani from the Blue Water Volunteers. Won a pair of admission tickets to the Underwater World at Sentosa ( Mmmm....but no time to go leh )

b ) Busy, busy and very busy at work because have to get all thing done before my bosses fly off this week. (that why I am free to write the blog now :OP )

c ) To Pulau Semakau for the first public walk. Tag along as a Trainee-guide to help and learn from the Guide. We had a tour about the Landfill first before we proceed to the intertidal. The weather was nice and cool and we saw quite a number of stuffs. There was even a Noble Volute laying eggs. However, we have to call it a day as the sky darkens for it is unsafe to walk through the forest in the dark. It’s a pity for the tide was still low.


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