Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why In The First Place???.....

Overheard this conversation in the Ladies today;

A: Feeling very bad that I have not bring him out walking for the last few weeks
B: Then bring him out lah…Walk to Blk XXX lor.
A: But Blk XXX is so far…

At this point, I thought A was talking about her KID. But.....

B: Actually, not very far if you are walking with your DOG what?
A: Ok lor…but very troublesome leh….go out then come back with dirty legs. Got to wash up.

!!!!! What kind of pet owner are you? !!!!!

was the question that crossed my mind.

Come on, if you think that bringing your dog to a short walk is troublesome, then don’t keep a pet in the first place. Sadly, I guess this is not the only case in Singapore. :O/


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