Monday, October 17, 2005

A Wet Day At SBWR.....

Spent yesterday at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve with Kah Chine and Alyce. Reached there about 9.45am after an hour of waiting for Bus 925 at the Interchange.

Was surprised to find out that there will be a guided walk (Cos it is difficult to get volunteer guide on Sunday). As our purpose for this trip is to get to know the Mangrove better (for our guiding at Pulau Semakau), we decided to join the guided walk.

And guess what? The guide, turned out to be Robert (he will be guiding at Semakau too). So we follow him and joked that we will be the nasty visitors. :OP

We learned about various mangrove plants and animals. However, the walk ended prematurely due to the rain. We spent an hour taking shelter at a hut before moving on to Route 1’s Hide to do some bird watching.

Robert introduced us to various kind of birds and taught us how to differentiate them. Initially, we had a hard time telling them apart because they all look the same. We even argued that there must be something wrong with Robert’s telescope :OP. But after careful studying, we managed to tell what are Red Shanks, Green Shanks, Wimbrels, Sandpipers, Pacific Golden Plovers and Mongolian Plovers. :O)

As the birds are standing in the rain, KC asked this question, “Is that why they get the bird flu because they are out in the rain?” !!! Mmmmmm.....

Then the rain started to get heavier and look like it will not be stopping anytime soon, we decided to call it a day.

Yah and one more thing, the Café at SBWR served YUMMY Chicken Chop! :O)


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