Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend At Pulau Ubin…..

As promised, I went for my Sensory Trail guiding at Pulau Ubin on Saturday. It’s good to be back on the island after a month of absence. :O) Ahhh….fresh air and the peacefulness!

I was assigned to a group of kids + one teacher from the Singapore American School. They are from the school’s Eco Club and were there to learn more about plants. We have a slow start as some of the kids were complaining about mozzies and ants getting into their shoes.

After a while, think that they got used to it and started to listen to my introduction to the plants. I got them to taste the Creat. Their reactions were expected. They spit out the leaf after the first taste for it is bitter. But they have fun and were amazed to learn that this plant is good for sore throat and flu.

As we move along, some kids, despite having awful experience with the Creat, kept asking me if there’s any more plant that they can taste. However, there wasn’t any (except the Blue Pea) for most of the plants required them to smell and touch. They got to smell the Citronella, Torch Ginger, Lengkuas, and Garlic Vine etc.

The branches of the Midnight Horror Tree fascinated the kids as they look like human bones. Some asked if they could have the “bones”. They also learned to differentiate between Jackfruit and Chempedek trees through their leaves.

In the later part of the tour, which is the Mangrove, they were briefed about the importance of it. I told them about using charcoals wisely for they came from the roots of the mangrove plant and cannot be recycled.

We ended the tour at the Wayang stage. Overall, I have enjoyed the guiding and hoped that the kids have learned something from it. :O)


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