Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Just Love It.....

Finally, have my FIRST dive at Pulau Hantu with the Hantu Bloggers yesterday. The weather was great, sunny all the way! :o) And stupid me forgot to apply sunscreen lotion again and you guess it, SUNBURNT again.....Ouchhhh!

The vis was about 2-3m. We went down in a small group of 4 with a Dive master. We explored the fringing reefs in the first dive. Saw a phyllidiidae, Flatworm, Filefish, Cushion Seastar and Sea Urchin. There wasn’t any current yesterday, so it was a very relaxing dive for me.

For our second dive, we went to the patched reefs and then made our way back to the fringing reefs. Saw nothing much for my second dive except a glossodoris atromarginata nudibranch and a few blur image of fishes.

A very enjoyable dive for me overall. I LOVE it!

Now getting more comfortable diving in low vis. Definitely looking out for more local water dive to come.


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