Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Arrrrrrrrrrgh………. Dilemma !…..

Remember I said that I will go to Pulau Ubin this week?

Guess what??????

Just received news that there will be a diving trip to Pulau Hantu this Saturday.

Thing is, I already informed Nparks that I will be guiding for the Sensory Trail this weekend and I ready miss the island. Now this piece of news put me into a dilemma as I ready want to go for my FIRST dive at Pulau Hantu.

How? How? Ubin or Hantu? How I wish I can be split into TWO!!!

But a promise is a promise. So…..I will stick with it and give Hantu a miss this time.

Have been doing too many underwater trips for the past month and think should take a rest. Anyway, there is another Hantu dive trip at the end of this month and maybe I can make it :O)


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