Saturday, September 24, 2005

First Local Water Dive.....

Finally, I got a taste of diving in local water at Pulau Salu today. :o)

What can I say? I think we have good reefs but as usual the problem is the visibility of our water. It's just poor.....only about 1 to 2m today.....sigh....if only we have water without all those sediments and silts. And don't think it is going to get any better with all the reclamation and dredging going on around our water.

Was having some difficulties descending at first. But after second try, finally descended and went to about 12m. It was totally dark and we have to use our torches. Stay close to my buddy fearing that I will lose her in this pit dark surrounding. Managed to see some stuffs like an Icon seastar, tiny shrimps that were on a sea whip, a small flatworm and a sea urchin. After I saw the urchin, I tried to back off but only find myself in zero vis and that when I started to flow up and surface. Very paiseh to my buddy, Ivy, as I felt very bad for she was looking after me all the time that she may not manage to get any decent shots of the marine animals.

Second dive of the day, we decided to try a shallow area when there's still sunlight. Vis was about 1 to 2m. I did not see much except a Tomato Anemonefish beside some Bulb Tentacle anemone. However, there are a lot of hard corals and some are very big. Now if only we have better water, there would be more of them.

Anyway, the dive was better than I have imagined. Now I will need to get myself comfortable with low vis and I will definitely try to dive at Pulau Hantu if there is any trip.

Looking forward to it and also my next weekend trip to Pulau Dayang in Malaysia.


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