Sunday, April 03, 2005

Today At Chek Jawa......

Was at Chek Jawa this morning for guided walk. And oh man!….the weather was a total contrast to yesterday. It was sunny, hot, with BLUE sky and of course huge fluffy white clouds. And thus, I was left with a tan at the end of the day.


The walk started around 10.30am and I was assigned to be a hunter seeker. Today route to CJ was not a smooth one as compared to any other time. For we were caught up in a traffic jam along Jalan Ubin(I bet that you must be wondering whether this is true right?. Well….it was not actually a jam but we were made to stop for about 10 minutes due to some bicycle racing going on and they have blocked the whole road. So we waited and waited and guess what? It turned out that there will be only one biker passing through the trek one at a time. And they blocked the whole road! I mean if it is going to be a group then it is necessary to do so. But one at a time? Then only one side should be blocked and not both. :o(

Anyway, come back to CJ. A hunter seeker, as the name suggested, is to look for things. I started from the sandbar and the stuffs for today were; Sea cucumbers (Sandfish, Transparent, Thorny and Ball), Seas stars, Sand dollars, Jelly fish, Cowrie, Sea pens ( There was a really really huge and fat one about 25cm long) and Sand collars.

Then I proceeds to the coral rubble area and managed to find a baby Catfish, Elbow crab and the highlight of the day, a baby squid. It was floating on the water and look like a twig as it was black in colour.

Beacon At CJ's Coral Rubble

Wow…CJ is so alive!!!! I had a great day! Will be looking forward to end of April before I make my trip there again. Meanwhile… to get some rest before I starts my early morning trips to our other shores next week.

So watch this space! ;o)


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