Saturday, April 02, 2005

This morning....

Okay….it was raining cats and dogs this morning when I was at Pulau Ubin. We have to wait for it to stop before we can proceed to Chek Jawa

When the rain finally stopped. We all squeezed into the back of a lorry and were ferried to CJ. We have a briefing and then proceed to the usual route to introduce/train the guides-to-be.

As some of us were heading out towards the southern sandbar, one of the officers was at the coral rubble clearing some bubuhs (What’s a bubuh??? Well…it is a wired cage that is used to trap fishes and crabs.).

Want to know what’s inside the bubuh? Let see….mmmm….there were 2 Velcro crabs and some fishes. (Think one was a Filefish). We took out the bubuhs, released the animals and flattened them. (Guess some fishermen will be wondering where on earth had his bubuh gone).

As we proceed, we saw Sea Hares, Moon Snail, Noble Volute and other die die sure can see stuffs. Lucky for us the weather hold and then it started to rain again just when we have finished our walk.

It’s not a bad day after all! :o) And guess what???…Yes! I will be there again tomorrow.


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